Replace Your HVAC

Replace Your HVAC System If You Notice These Signs

How are you keeping your home cool and comfortable inside with hot, muggy weather outside? If you’re like most people in the US, it’s with an air conditioning system. However, if your air conditioning system is old or underperforming, your home might not be as comfortable as you desire. If you notice these signs, it might be time to stop repairing, and replace your HVAC system.

High Bills

New technology has made it possible for comfort systems to be more efficient than ever, saving homeowners up to 50% on their energy bills when replacing their outdated system. If you’re experiencing energy bills that are through the roof, it might be time to replace your HVAC system. 

How do newer systems run more efficiently? With variable speed fans, they’re able to constantly adjust speeds to avoid temperature swings in your home. This helps to maintain consistent comfort levels which reduces high energy usage from pulling temperatures way down or bringing them back up. Check out our high-efficiency systems!

Uncomfortable Temperatures

If you notice hot and cold spots throughout your house, or your system constantly running but not quite reaching the thermostat’s set temperature, you may need to replace your HVAC system, especially if this is a usual occurrence. Your system shouldn’t have to constantly run to keep your home conditioned. Newer comfort systems built with variable speed fans offer maximum temperature and humidity control at lower operating costs. Check out our systems now

Old Age

If your current air conditioning system is around 10 years old and hasn’t had regular maintenance performed on it over the years, it’s likely time to replace it. While comfort systems are not made to last forever, they can last around 15 years in our area with proper maintenance and care. If you’re experiencing tons of repairs on your older system, you could save money in the short run and the long run by upgrading to a new, high-efficiency system.

Constant Need for Repairs

As mentioned above, if your older system is always needing repair, it’s not a good sign. Although, ANY HVAC system always needing work, no matter the age, should likely be replaced. Don’t spend more money repairing a system than it would take to replace it. Make the smart, economical decision to save you money in the short and the long run, and replace your HVAC system. 

At Legacy Heating & Cooling, our systems come with a 10 year limited warranty on parts when properly maintained. Need a maintenance plan with your new system? We offer reliable, affordable plans for every home, family, and budget. Check them out now!

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