preparing your air conditioner

Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Hot, Humid Weather

Preparing Your Air Conditioner

Summers in West Alabama get extremely hot and humid, and if your air conditioner isn’t ready for it, you could come home to uncomfortable indoor conditions. Ensure your comfort system can handle the pressure of keeping your home cool during the hottest months of the year with these tips for preparing your air conditioner for Tuscaloosa summers.

Check The Air Filter

The easiest way to maintain your comfort system yourself is to change the air filter regularly. As your comfort system cools your home, the air filter constantly catches airborne dust, dirt, dander, and other allergens. A dirty air filter puts more pressure on your comfort system, making it work harder to get proper air flow into your home. If the filter gets too dirty, it can even shut down the whole system for the safety of you and your family. 

Whether you have a disposable air filter or a reusable one, be sure to replace or clean the filter according to manufacturer instructions. Depending on your specific situation, your air filter should be changed every 1-3 months. Keeping a clean air filter in your comfort system is a critical step to ensuring the entire system runs effectively and efficiently at all times.

Clean The System & Coils

Over time, things like sticks, leaves, and even dirt can build up around your outdoor system. If this happens, damage can occur, requiring potentially costly repairs to be made. Before attempting to clean the outdoor system, turn off the power, then remove any visible obstructions and use a hose to clean the exterior coils.

While the outside coils are visibly exposed to outdoor elements, the indoor coils can also attract debris. If you believe your system needs a thorough cleaning, call the professionals at Legacy Heating & Cooling. Our technicians have cleaned tons of outdoor systems and are trained to do it right every time. If you’ve been experiencing high energy bills or poor cooling, contact us, as a good cleaning might be all your system needs.

Check The Thermostat

Your thermostat is an essential part of the efficiency of your cooling system. Investing in a programmable or smart thermostat can drastically improve the efficiency of your comfort system this summer. On top of adding increased functionality to your home’s temperature control, these devices also control an array of smart home solutions such as lights, locks, and more! 

Keep Doors & Windows Closed

The most efficient way to keep your home cool during the heat of summer is to keep doors and windows closed. Opening doors and windows allows warm, humid air inside making your system work harder to keep your home comfortable. If you decide to open your windows on a cool summer night, turn the system off entirely. When turning the system back on, raise or lower temperatures gradually to prevent the system from freezing or overworking.

Invest in a Maintenance Plan

Keeping up with all aspects of your comfort system can be difficult, but it’s imperative for keeping a well-running, efficient air conditioner. Legacy HVAC offers maintenance plans that cover all aspects of your comfort system including:

  • Filter inspection
  • Inside coil inspection (clean at discounted rate if necessary)
  • Primary & secondary drain inspections
  • Blower components inspection and cleaning 
  • Lubrication of all moving parts 
  • Inspection and tightening of all loose electrical connections
  • Monitoring air conditioner operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge
  • Monitoring voltage and average draw on all motors and heaters
  • Monitoring air conditioning and heating cycles
  • Heat exchanger and burners inspection
  • Adjusting gas pressure as necessary
  • Pilot operation inspection and adjustment as necessary
  • Monitoring flue draft for safe operation
  • Inspection of and testing safety operations
  • Adjusting air flow for proper temperature rise and fall
  • Inspection of thermostat operations

Regular maintenance from Legacy HVAC will keep your system running better for longer so you save money in the short run and the long run.

Contact Us

If you haven’t prepped your comfort system for summer, give us a call at (205) 364-1044 or visit our website for more information on our maintenance plans. Legacy Heating & Cooling cares about the comfort of our community, and we love to provide tips and advice for maximum comfort and energy savings. 

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