Our Trusted Products

We carry a wide variety of American Standard
Comfort Systems. We service and repair ALL MAKES
& MODELS of HVAC equipment.

The Team at Legacy Heating & Cooling have been serving Tuscaloosa, Northport and the West Alabama area for more than two decades. Legacy offers top of the line, energy efficient products for households, as well as light commercial systems, all made by American Standard. We offer great maintenance plans and services for all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

We’ve provided some details about the American Standard product lines we carry. Keep in mind, there are many other available options. For immediate assistance, please contact us by clicking below.

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Residential A/C & Heating

American Standard Air Conditioning and Heating systems have been rated by a major consumer organization as the best value for the money on the market today. The climate in West Alabama demands great service from an HVAC system, and American Standard delivers great service at an affordable price.

Our Trusted Products
Gold 14 Packaged Unit

Packaged Systems

Packaged Systems from Legacy will work in situations where conventional systems won’t. Our packaged systems are all-in-one systems and work great in instances where space is limited, such as in apartments, condos and other residences where space is a premium.

Ductless Systems

Some homes and small businesses have rooms or areas that just won’t stay cool or warm using a standard system with standard ductwork. Ductless systems solve this problem without having to add ductwork or spend money to buy a whole new system.

Ductless House units legacy heating and cooling

Light Commercial

If you are a small business owner, your customers’ comfort is extremely important. Customers won’t stay too long if your establishment is too hot or too cold. Our light commercial service makes sure your customers and your wallet are comfortable each month.

Odyessey split legacy heating and cooling
Recovery Ventilator legacy heating and cooling

Air Quality

The air you breathe inside your home has a great impact on your overall health. With new technology, air quality has been drastically improved, thermostats can be managed from your smartphone, and zones in your home can be set to stay cool or warm depending on your personal preference.

Smart Thermostats

Zoning system and smart thermostats make it simple to achieve consistent comfort in all your rooms, year after year. And you can have peace of mind knowing the air quality is as pristine as possible, all while keeping control with any number of our great American Standard thermostats.

Legacy Heating and cooling Thermostats and controls

Custom Ductwork

We custom make our ductwork in our shop to fit your home or business. It’s sort of like buying a tailor-made suit: it’s just going to fit better, and it will last the lifetime of your home or office.

LEgacy heating and cooling custom ductwork