Air Purification System

What An Air Purification System Can Do for Your West Alabama Home

Air Purification System

You love your home, but do you love the air inside it? Are you regularly noticing dust floating in the sunlight, smelling odors from days prior, or seeing mold spores growing in certain areas? If so, you should consider installing an air purification system in your home. 

Why Do I Need An Air Purification System?

A person can spend 90% of their time indoors, and that’s especially true during the hottest parts of the summer in Alabama. Nowadays, homes are better insulated and more tightly sealed, which means indoor pollutants can get trapped inside your home. As a result, your family might be breathing indoor air that is up to five times less healthy than what’s outside. With an air purification system, you can eliminate up to 99.9% of allergens and viruses from the air your family breathes inside your home. This way, you can spend less time worrying, and more time relaxing in a safe, healthy environment. 

Benefits of Air Purification

Air purification systems can provide your home and your family with so many great benefits. When you invest in an air purification system from Legacy HVAC, such as the AccuClean™ Whole-Home Air Filtration system, you’ll receive these benefits: 

  • Clean Air: Removed 99.9% of allergens from the air in your home.
  • Reliability: AccuClean was built to be durable and outperform other models.
  • Efficiency: It’s efficient operation doesn’t hinder air flow, saving you money and keeping you more comfortable. 
  • Total Comfort: Cleans filtered air through your entire home, unlike other systems that only clean air in certain areas.
  • Less Dust: AccuClean can reduce your need to dust by up to 50%.
  • Quiet Operation: This system was engineered to run silently so your home remains as peaceful as it is comfortable.

Why Invest with Legacy Heating and Cooling?

Legacy Heating and Cooling is committed to doing things better. Our goal has never been to be the biggest HVAC company, but simply to be the best HVAC company. That’s why we provide honest, dependable services that you can count on time after time. As a local family owned business, we care about our community and offer fair, honest prices for the best work around. If you need HVAC services or an air purification system, contact us.

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