Why You Should Update Your AC Unit to a Higher SEER

Why You Should Update Your AC Unit To A Higher Seer Rating

Why You Should Update Your AC Unit To A Higher Seer Rating

If your air conditioning system has been working efficiently for years, then you can consider yourself fortunate for having a unit that is proving to be durable. However, for all the toughness that your AC unit has shown over the years with the proper care and assistance, your dated air conditioner uses a lot of electricity to maintain your comfort temperature in your home. The result-a high energy bill every month. We can usually link this to your older unit having a lower SEER as compared to newer air conditioning units.

What is SEER?

SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER is used when measuring a central air conditioning system’s efficiency. A higher SEER rating means greater efficiency. For example, a system with a 20 SEER rating will be two times more efficient than a system with a 10 SEER rating. Many HVAC manufacturers have taken great strides in increasing the efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps over the last decade. We suggest seriously considering updating your AC unit to one with a higher SEER rating. The numerous benefits that come with this upgrade are hard to ignore. Let’s take a closer look at some of the great benefits of getting new, higher SEER AC system.

Energy savings

Since higher SEER AC system uses less energy, you can expect a lower utility bill at the end of the month. The savings ultimately depend on the difference in SEER rating between your old and new unit. The difference in energy use will be reflected in your next utility bill!

Improved moisture removal

One of the indicators of an AC system’s effectiveness is its ability to remove moisture from the air. High SEER systems are particularly effective at moisture removal because they cycle longer at lower pressures. With longer cooling cycles, there would be far less opportunities for mold and other humidity-related issues to be active because moisture is effectively removed from the air.


High SEER AC systems are more energy-efficient, and that means having one installed in your home helps reduce your carbon footprint. Aside from having a higher SEER, newer air conditioners also use safer refrigerants, making the installation of a new, high SEER AC unit one of the more eco-friendly things you can do.

Future buyers will go for a high SEER system

In a world where people are becoming more conscious about helping the environment, a higher SEER AC system in your home can become a unique selling point when the time comes for you to sell it. Your efficient air conditioning system in the west Alabama area will definitely attract more potential buyers, and may increase the value of the home. There is great value in replacing your old AC unit with a new one. The fact that entry-level models of newly-manufactured air conditioners are now much more efficient than standard models of older units should be enough reason for you to update your AC unit.

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