Comfortable In-Law Suite

Creating A Comfortable In-Law Suite In Your Home

Do you need extra space for an in-law, adult child, or other guest to stay while at your house? An in-law suite may be a great idea for you to add to your home! When creating a comfortable in-law suite, you have to provide your guests with the perfect balance between proximity and independence. This doesn’t always mean you need to construct a whole new home addition either. Read this blog to see how you can create a comfortable in-law suite in many different ways!

Do You Need A Home Addition?

A big question for many homeowners looking to create an in-law suite is if they need to add to their home to create a suitable space. When deciding on the answer to this question, you’ll want to consider whether your in-law suite needs a separate full-functioning kitchen, and you’ll need to figure out how much space they’ll need for a separate living area and bedroom, or a big bathroom, etc.

Keeping Things the Same

It’s 100% possible to create a great in-law suite without needing a home addition. If you have a large spare bedroom or a bonus room, you can easily turn these spaces into an in-law suite. Think of them like a small studio apartment. You can have a bedroom area where the bed and a dresser goes, a separate living area with a couch and tv, and you can even add a kitchenette that includes some counter space and a microwave. 

Changing It Up

If the room inside your home just isn’t enough, you may want to make a plan for a home addition. If you have a garage, you can convert your garage into an in-law suite. However, if you regularly use your garage for your vehicles or other things, you may want to stick to adding to your current home, or adding a separate space entirely. Ensure you budget for everything before getting started, and make a list of must-haves. If you’re doing a separate space, make sure there is a full bathroom and a small kitchen.

What About HVAC?

Whether you decide to do a home addition, convert your garage, or just use a room in your house, you’ll want your guests to be comfortable. The most important aspect of comfort is the temperature inside their space. Thankfully, with updated technology, there are many options for allowing one space of your home (or a separate space) to be controlled on its own. 

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems are great options for whatever type of in-law suite you’re going to have. These systems run without ductwork, so they can be easily installed anywhere in your home, or in an additional space, and provide maximum comfort and efficiency. 

Zoning Systems

Zoning HVAC systems are great for rooms inside your house or home additions that will have connecting ductwork. Zoning systems use dampers inside your ductwork to redirect air to specific areas of your home. This allows for customized temperature “zones” so everyone can set their own comfort preferences. 

Now Add Decor & Ensure Functionality!

Now that you’ve got the major things figured out, you’ll want to ensure the space is decorated and functioning properly for the final touches on creating a comfortable in-law suite. 


The decor of your space is important in making your guests feel comforted, happy, and calm. Use mostly neutral colors throughout your space with pops of pale yellows or light blues. These colors will invoke those much-needed good feelings! Don’t be afraid to add wall and counter decor as well to make the space feel more homey. You can also add a few plants throughout that can help with increasing good indoor air quality. 


If guests are staying with you for health or hindered mobility reasons, you’ll want to ensure everything is accessible to them. You may not be able to add rugs, you may need a grab bar in the shower, or you may need lower shelving in the bathroom or kitchenette. You’ll also want to make sure their space is stocked with the necessities like towels, toilet paper, shampoo, soaps, bedding, and even some of their favorite snacks. They’re not fully ‘at home’ yet, but they should feel welcomed and accommodated.

Find Qualified Contractors

One thing is for sure, when making changes to your home, you want to hire qualified contractors. When you decide on the best HVAC solution for your space, or if you need help deciding, contact Legacy Heating & Cooling. We’ve been trusted by the West Alabama community for over two decades for good reason! We’re experts in HVAC solutions and can keep your home or additional space comfortable for years to come. 
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