HVAC Maintenance Plan Benefits

Is Having a Maintenance Plan Really That Important for your HVAC System?

Is Having a Maintenance Plan Important for your HVAC System?

The vast majority of homeowners do not have a regularly scheduled maintenance plan in place for their heating and air conditioning system. Let’s face it: until something goes wrong, we hardly give our HVAC system a second thought. When an issue does occur, we call someone for help.

Naturally, most HVAC contracting companies suggest having a routine maintenance plan in place for your home’s heating and air conditioning system. Legacy Heating and Cooling is no different. We like to think of it as making sure the largest single investment in your home is taken care of and serviced regularly.

Benefits of Maintenance Plans: 

Having your home’s HVAC system routinely checked prevents costly expenses later down the road. Think of your automobile: you change the oil every few thousand miles or so. You might spend twenty to fifty dollars having your oil changed to prevent spending thousands of dollars later to replace your engine. Your HVAC system should be treated in the same way. Replacing a small, worn out part now, if needed, might save you having to replace a much more expensive part later.

Having your unit(s) serviced regularly also ensures that it’s functioning as efficiently as possible. This will help keep your energy bills as low as they can be and keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

If you are a member of Legacy Heating and Cooling’s Maintenance program, you’ll receive service your home’s HVAC system twice per year, as well as top priority for service calls. Learn more about our service program here: https://legacyhvac.net/maintenance-plans/.

Trust us for your home.

Nothing is more important to us than making sure our customers receive honest and courteous service at all times. That’s why we’ve become known as one of the most trusted HVAC Contractors in the West Alabama area. Being a member of our Maintenance Program provides you with our honest and courteous service and the benefit of moving to the top of our service call list. 

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