How to Get Your Kids Involved With Chores

How to Get Your Kids Involved With Chores

How to Get Your Kids Involved With Chores

Now that it’s summer and the kids are around the house all the time, things can get messy pretty quickly! If your kids are old enough, you might want to introduce them to the idea of chores, or at least get them more involved in at-home responsibilities. There are a few ways to make chores fun or engaging for the whole family; read on to find out!

Chore Chart

A chore chart is a perfect way to reinforce the idea of consistency with chores for your kids. You can customize a chore chart in a lot of different ways depending on your preferences. The tasks can differ based on the day of the week, or have assigned different allowance amounts for each task. This will incentivize your kids to complete more time-consuming tasks, while also getting a sense of reward for their hard work.

Points System

A fun way to engage your kids in chores is to add a little competition into the mix! If you decide not to give your kids allowance yet, you can attach point values for varying tasks depending on their difficulty level or how long it takes to complete them. At the end of the week, whoever has the most points wins a prize, which is up to you to decide. It can either be a material thing, or a privilege such as an extra hour of screen time, a fun sweet treat, or a movie night.

Assign Age-Appropriate Tasks

The best way to get your kids involved with their chores (and have them stick to it) is to assign tasks that they can properly do that aren’t too difficult. For kids aged 2-3, you can begin the introduction of “chores” by having them put their toys away and make their bed. Children that are a bit older can begin helping clear and set the diner table, washing the dishes, and feeding household pets. For twelve year olds and up, they can start helping prepare meals, walking pets, and cleaning the home. 

Navigate Resistance

It’s important to recognize that when your kids are first getting involved in chores, they can have some resistance. Instead of getting angry, try and understand why this is; maybe the task is too difficult, or the expectations for it are unclear. If they’re just being lazy, they probably need some incentive.

Have fun!

Chores are obviously not the most exciting of activities, but there’s no reason to not make them as enjoyable as possible. This way, your kids can have a positive association with the tasks, and are more likely to stay consistent in doing them. It might sound simple, but having a cleaning race or a fun sorting process for laundry can transform the task in your child’s mind from a boring chore to a fun family activity. 

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